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Hi, I'm Cody and I am an Australian designer and front-end developer with a degree in Architectural design. I work with a tech startup leading the user experience and product design. I also play drums and percussion and have an affinity for heavy metal.

Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark

Threads Network


Two samples from a logo set for the Threads Network - a family of blogs covering travel, fashion, and food. On the left is the logo for Brisbane Threads. The Story Bridge featured in this logo is a landmark of the city. On the right is Travelling Threads, a new sister-blog focused on travel. Early 2015


iPhone theme

iOS'86 was a long-term project that developed into one of the most expansive iPhone themes available. Based on the concept design by Anton Repponen, iOS'86 is the official and fully functional Winterboard theme for iPhone and iPod Touch. Including thousands of hand-pixeled monochrome graphics along with a port of the original Chicago font; iOS'86 takes your device back to another era. Mid 2012 - late 2013